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Are you looking for an outpatient therapy center that specializes in treating the whole family? We offer treatment for a wide variety of mental health concerns for all ages. Our focus is to alleviate issues that are hurting the individual client, while also considering how these issues impact the family unit. All of our clinicians are trained in Parent Education, Couples Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy. This allows us to help the individual clients as well as the family by working to shift the family dynamic to a healthier state of being. We realize some families may include blended families or divorce. This is why we also offer therapy concentrating in Divorce Adjustment issues for both parents and children. Your provider will work closely with you to formulate a treatment plan that provides education and skills in all areas of need to provide relief from your current stressors.

Quality Care by Specialists in the Field

At Restoring Hope Counseling Center, LLC you can rely on quality care provided by highly trained professionals. We employ professionals who are not only dedicated to helping their clients succeed, but who are passionate about their areas of focus. We strive to provide client centered care. This means our clients are the main focus in every session. We work to meet the client where they are- whether that is financially, with scheduling needs, or therapy styles. Therapy practices and curriculums used in our office are evidence-based, many supported by years of research. We offer Certified Parent Educators, Play Therapists, Adoption Specialists, Teen Specialists, Marriage and Family Therapists, as well as Licensed Mental Health Counselors. Our clinicians have worked hard to gain education and training specific to your needs! Each clinician has earned extra training in their area of expertise. Play Therapy, Adoption Issues, Gottman Couples Therapy, Marriage/Pre-Marital Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Addiction Treatment, Trauma Therapy, Biblical Therapy, Family Studies, Divorce Adjustment, Parent Education, Parental Assessments, ADHD Assessment, and Education Assessments for Children round out our areas of focus.

Versatility That Meets YOUR Needs

Restoring Hope Counseling Center offers therapy services in various modes in order to meet the needs of our clients. Currently we offer individual, couples, family, and group sessions 7 days a week! Evening and weekend appointments are available with multiple providers. We offer group courses covering various Parenting Curriculums including: Cooperative Parenting in Divorce, Nurturing Parenting, Active Parenting, Strengthening Families, Gottman Emotion Coaching, Gottman Bringing Baby Home, Mommy & Me Attachment, and an educational seminar on how to provide basic care to infants. Other group topics include: Navigating the Adoption Process, Building Healthy Step Families, Women's Divorce Support Group, Overcoming Addictions, Grief Support Group, Anger Management, Survivors of Sexual Assault (adult and child), Building Self Esteem in Teens, and more to come!! 

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