The divorce process affects the entire family. This process often includes gaining acceptance of the decision to divorce, coping with shame/guilt, re-building self-esteem and independence, navigating self-doubt, and helping children handle the same emotions. For parents the process can bring new stressors with moves, loss of income, and new visitation schedules with children. Many clients present to therapy due to trouble navigating the co-parenting relationship with an ex-partner. We can help by providing individual, child & adolescent, as well as family counseling for those who need it. We also offer several parent education options to help parents learn to navigate the co-parenting relationship, incorporate new blended family/step family members, as well as providing an environment for supervised visitation with non-custodial parents as needed. 

For many individuals a divorce is much like a death and there is a grieving process that must be navigating in order to fully heal and move forward. The 5 stages of grief are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. 

Divorce Adjustment Therapy

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