Rachel H Willis, MA

                                                 Adult & Adolescent Specialist


Rachel specializes in individual adolescent and adult services. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from University of Central Florida and her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Rachel takes a client-centered approach to treatment, where clients are at the forefront of the therapeutic process. She employs empathy, understanding, and support as the cornerstones of her treatment. Whether it is work-life balance, anxiety, depression, reaching life goals, or navigating relationships, Rachel can help you gain the skills to handle life’s ups and downs in a healthy way.

Rachel’s experience includes helping individuals dealing with trauma, loss, anger, substance abuse, adoption, panic attacks, and self-esteem issues. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy while drawing from other approaches. Rachel understands that each client is unique and uses various interventions based on each client’s needs. She aims to create a safe and accepting environment where clients feel heard and comfortable giving feedback. She is also a Parent Educator with training specific to general parenting concepts. Day, evening, and weekend sessions are available.

Areas of Interest Include:

Adolescent & Adult Therapy; Parent Education

School & Work-Life Balance; Stress Management

Anxiety & Depression

Trauma & Loss

Relationship Concerns