Substance Abuse Treatment

618 Ponder Place Drive, Suite 2       Evans, GA 30809       Phone: 706.825.8491      Fax:706.550.0340


Currently, we offer outpatient Substance Abuse services to clients who are seeking assessment and treatment for addictions to illegal drugs, prescription medications, inhalants, as well as Alcohol. We can offer both individual and group services based on the need of the client. Group Therapy is widely supported as best practice treatment for overcoming Substance Abuse Addiction. Our facility is also unique in that along with the standard addictions therapy curriculum we also strive to provide guidance in how to navigate parenting and romantic relationships while in the recovery process.

We are working to become an approved treatment facility for clients who are court mandated to complete outpatient (OP) and  Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services along with DUI evaluation and treatment with the Augusta Judicial Circuit. Please check back as we will update once we have been given our approval for this population.